Less time hanging, more time hangin’

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Less time hanging, more time hangin’

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How to TrueUp

TrueUp hanging kits are truly easy for anyone to use. Learn how to hang from your wall using TrueUp.

  • Prep & Clean
  • Apply & Level
  • Hang & Adjust

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Learn the best way to hang your frames.

Getting Started

What is TrueUp?

TrueUp is an easy to use damage free hanging solution. Our heavy duty adhesive strips ensure durable yet flexible hanging without nailing holes in the wall or the need of other tools.

With TrueUp, you can enjoy the benefits of damage free removals, reusable mounts and precise installations.

In a world of ever-changing design trends, TrueUp gives you the ability to reimagine and redesign your living space without leaving a blemish in sight. TrueUp is here to provide you with a simple, reliable, and modern approach to hanging on your wall.

What TrueUp Offers


We offer users an easy and tool-free approach to hanging on your wall.


Enjoy quick and precise hanging. Our built-in spirit level saves you time.


Reuse your mounts as many times as needed. TrueUp ensures damage-free removals. 


Our built-in level makes every project picture perfect.

 “If we can put a man on the moon, we can put a frame on a wall.”

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