The TrueUp Hanging Solution

A great solution for home decor projects. It adapts to virtually any frame and is perfect for hanging wall art up to 8lbs. You’ll find everything you need for easy, precise, and nail-free installations.

TrueUp hanging kits include:

  • Wall Mounts
  • Frame Adaptors
  • Adhesive Strips
  • Level
  • Wire Adaptors
  • TrueTacks

When you’re ready to reuse TrueUp mounts, enjoy damage-free removals with zero-residue left on your walls.

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What TrueUp Offers

What is TrueUp?

TrueUp is an easy to use damage free hanging solution. Our heavy duty adhesive strips ensure durable yet flexible hanging without nailing holes in the wall or the need of other tools.

With TrueUp, you can enjoy the benefits of damage free removals, reusable mounts, and precise installations.

TrueUp gives you the ability to reimagine and redesign your living space, all while being the most simple, reliable, and modern approach to hanging frames on your wall.

How? With a brand-new solution like no other, the patented TrueUp adhesive is designed to create a strong bond to hold your wall art up, and from there easily de-bond upon removal.

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