TrueUp Hanging FAQ’s

What is the TrueUp Hanging system designed to be used with?

The TrueUp Hanging system is designed to work with picture frames. The adhesive strips we developed have high shear strength.

What is the weight recommendation for each of the TrueUp wall mounts?

We limit the weight to 7-8 lbs. 

What types of frames work with the TrueUp System?

Virtually all frames designed to be hung on a wall, can utilize our adaptor to be hung on our TrueUp wall mount.  Frames that are thinner than the adaptor aren’t the best to use because the adaptor will stick out beyond the frame (we are working on a solution for these types of frames). Desktop frames won’t work because of the “kickstand”, as it doesn’t allow the frame to sit flush against the wall. Plaques won’t work with the universal adaptor at this moment (as we are also working on a solution for this). 

Do I have to do anything to my frame to make it work with the TrueUp system?

Typically no, but some frames may have hardware that may need to be removed in order to allow the adaptor to be placed correctly. These are usually very simple things to remove. Some frames have paper that covers the entire back of the frame. In this case you may have to cut a slit the length of the adaptor where the adaptor would be placed.

Why is the mount adhesive oriented horizontally, while every other adhesive strip orients their strips vertically?

There are several forces that act on the adhesive. One of the most important forces is the peel force. We orient the adhesive strip horizontally to achieve much greater peel strength. (Greater peel strength = greater picture hanging.)

I’ve used other adhesive strips, they sometimes break when I stretch to release them from the wall. Does the TrueUp adhesive strips have this problem?

No, the TrueUp adhesive strips use a material that feels more like stretching a rubber-band. The material used is much different than other adhesive strips currently on the market. It is important to review the instructions to get the best results.

How are the TrueUp adhesive strips different?

They were designed to give the maximum peel strength. If used with approved surfaces, they are damage-free. They are mounted horizontally and are made of material that feels like you're pulling a rubber-band. To release you use both hands to slowly pull the adhesive tabs horizontally and as the adhesive releases from the wall the mount will simply release, and not drop to the floor. 


Do I have to worry about the adhesive pulling paint off of my walls?

The adhesive was designed to release from surfaces without causing damage. The only reason the adhesive would cause wall damage is if the surface of the wall is not or was not prepared correctly. If the wall was not properly prepared for the paint, the bond between the paint and the wall may be poor. In this case when removing the adhesive the bond between the adhesive and the paint may be stronger than the bond between the paint that the surface the paint was applied to. The TrueUp system has to assume the surface (paint) was applied following the paint manufacturer's instructions, if it was, then the TrueUp adhesive strips should not pull surface paint off the walls when being removed. 

How long do I have to wait after I paint my walls before using the TrueUp hanging system?

Generally you will want to wait until the paint has completely bonded to the wall surface, fully cured, which is not the same as the time it takes to dry.  We recommend waiting 28 days before using the TrueUp adhesive strips.


Will the TrueUp system work with large frames?

YES, we suggest using a single TrueUp wall mount for frames that are less than 7 pounds and hold a picture that is 12 inches or less in width.  If the frame is wider or heavier than those limits, you simply use 2 wall mounts.  Place the first mount and while holding a straightedge to the top of the placed mount, extending the straightedge on one of the sides, prepare a 2nd mount and adhesive strip, hold it close to the wall and touch the mount's top edge to the surface of the straightedge that’s extending out from the first placed mount. Now press the 2nd mount to the surface. It is now at the same level as your first mount. You can now place a wider frame on these 2 mounts. 

How do I make sure the bond between the wall mount and my wall is strong?

The best way to achieve the strongest bond is PRESSURE. When the wall mount, with the adhesive strip, is ready to be placed, you must use pressure across the entire mount where the adhesive is applied. Press with your thumbs for 3-5 seconds, then move outward, apply pressure for another 3-5 seconds and so on.  Do this across the entire wall mount, it should take less than 30 seconds total. This pressure sensitive adhesive relies on you providing the pressure to ensure the initial bond is strong. 


How long do I need to wait after placing the TrueUp mount on my walls before I can hang my frames? 

The bond strength between the adhesive and your walls increases over time. Within 12 hours the bond is at 80+ percent of full strength. Waiting 1 day before permanently  hanging the frame is recommended. This does not mean you have to wait a day to quickly hang your frame to check if the positioning is correct. Once you feel the mount is placed in the perfect spot, take your frame off the mount and hang the next day.

Are there plans to use the TrueUp Hanging system with things other than frames?

YES, the TrueUp Hanging system is only the beginning. We have several products we design and manufacture. Soon we'll be introducing several home decor products designed specifically to be used with the TrueUp Hanging system. All with no tools, no damage, no stress….no problem. Join our newsletter and follow us on our social sites to be the first to hear about what's to come!! 

Can I return the TrueUp product and get a refund?

YES, as long as it is returned within a reasonable amount of time. We definitely don't want to sell any customer a product that for some reason they are not able to use. We hope that giving our customers 30 days to use the product is enough time for them to see if the product is a good fit for them.