Our Story

Our Story

Just like every person, every business has a unique story. Jeff Jackson never could have imagined his story would include creating True Woods NW.

Improve & Inspire

As a mechanical engineer, Jeff had spent years working for large organizations, as well as launching and running his own successful engineering firm.

The common thread that all engineers share – they are always trying to improve systems and processes.


Jeff’s #TrueStory began when he was volunteering for his daughter’s high school basketball team – and was tasked with framing that year’s team photo. Not finding a suitable frame to his liking, Jeff used his engineer brain to build his own. Realizing that he had a new found skill – he began building frames as a hobby…a hobby that soon sparked the foundation for the company you see today. While preparing for his older daughter’s wedding, he decided rather than renting reception tables, he wanted to create something unique and special for his daughter.

So, naturally he decided to build the tables himself. While searching for the building materials, he came across a supply of wood that was going to be discarded. His curiosity peaked, and what happened next was remarkable. Jeff found that by removing a thin layer of the rough exterior, he found hidden underneath some of the most beautiful wood he’d ever seen. He went on to create several beautiful restored wood tables for the wedding (see pic below), but also knew that this wood simply could not go to waste.

“If everyone loved enjoying new frames and photos on their walls…but avoided doing so to dodge the pitfalls of hanging them – couldn’t this be a problem he could solve?”

Jeff did what any good engineer would do. He set out to solve that problem – and so he did! The True Up Hanging system is now patented and is not only changing the frame industry, but is changing the way people experience hanging their photos. Some are even calling it “the marriage saver” – as couples can now hang a collection of frames together without the desire to throw a hammer through the wall. We at True Woods are grateful for our leader’s innovative mind and desire to always find a solution to any problem he faces.

Jeff’s creativity has birthed innovative products that are improving an entire industry. His deep roots for family and love of people have created a company culture that truly has a heart of servitude. His engineering mindset, combined with his resourcefulness, promises more exciting products as the company grows. The True Woods story is more than the timeline of how a company was created, it’s an inspiration to us all that with determination and resourcefulness – anything truly is possible.