Getting Started

Before getting started, take a look at your TrueUp package and check to see that all items have been included.


Step 1: Prep & Clean

Clean and prepare surface. Typically a clean cloth and water works great. Household cleaners are not recommended

Apply & Level

Step 2

– Apply TrueUp adhesive strip to the back of the wall mount.

B – Press firmly at six points, working from the outside in.

Mounts work best with frames 12 inches in width or shorter. If longer than 12 inches, use a second mount.

Step 3

Slide level onto mount.

If you need to install an adaptor on your frame, do so before moving to the “Hang & Adjust” steps.

Installing the Frame Adaptor

Make any frame TrueUp compatible

Hang & Adjust

Step 4

Turn wall mount over and peel off remaining adhesive liner. There will be one on each side.

Step 5

Grab both ends of the mount and bring close to wall, press onto wall when level.

Step 6

Slide the level off of the mount and press it firmly on the wall. Slide level onto mount.

Step 7

Press firmly on the mounting plate with thumbs for 5 seconds from the outside working in.

For best results wait 1 hour before hanging.

Removing the TrueUp mount

"Yes" Surfaces

For optimal results, TrueUp recommends mounts be used on flat and smooth surfaces.

"No" Surfaces

TrueUp advises against using mounts on grainy and porous surfaces including unpainted brick/cinder blocks, fabric, heavily textured walls, wallpaper, and other rough non-stick surfaces.