Getting Started

Before getting started, take a look at your TrueUp package and check to see that all items have been included.


Step 1: Prep & Clean

Clean and prepare surface. Typically a clean cloth and water works great. Household cleaners are not recommended

Apply & Level

Step 2

– Apply TrueUp adhesive strip to the back of the wall mount.

B – Press firmly at six points, working from the outside in.

Mounts work best with frames 12 inches in width or shorter. If longer than 12 inches, use a second mount.

Step 3

Slide level onto mount.

If you need to install an adaptor on your frame, do so before moving to the “Hang & Adjust” steps.

Installing the Frame Adaptor

Make any frame TrueUp compatible

Hang & Adjust

Step 4

Turn wall mount over and peel off remaining adhesive liner. There will be one on each side.

Step 5

Grab both ends of the mount and bring close to wall, press onto wall when level.

Step 6

Slide the level off of the mount and press it firmly on the wall. Slide level onto mount.

Step 7

Press firmly on the mounting plate with thumbs for 5 seconds from the outside working in.

For best results wait 1 hour before hanging.

Removing the TrueUp mount