What Is True Up?

TrueUp is the smart new way to spruce up any space. Its patented design gives you a simple, damage-free way to quickly mount, align, and re-mount your wall decor with ease.

TrueUp is a tool-free solution that’s a game changer – whether you’re decorating your apartment, your kid’s room, or curating an entire art wall. No nails, no screws, no worries.

With TrueUp, transforming your space into a vibrant, ever-changing gallery is as easy as peel, stick, and admire.

How it Works

  • 1

    Peel the backing off the TrueUp mount.

  • 2

    Level it where you want it and press for 5 seconds.

  • 3

    You’re ready to hang!


Endless Possibilities

Keep your space as dynamic as your life – TrueUp gives you the ultimate flexibility, so you can
switch up your decor whenever inspiration strikes.

What Surfaces Will TrueUp Work With

    • Painted Wall
    • Ceramic Tile
    • Painted Wood
    • Painted Cinderblock
    • Unpainted Brick
    • Heavily Textured
    • Wallpaper
    • Fabric

Why Choose True Up?

If the thought of screwing brackets and banging nails makes your skin crawl — us too. True Up hangers are easy to use, reusable, and don’t mess up your walls.

And unlike some other adhesive mounts, TrueUp’s patented design means you can easily remove it and replace it over and over.

  • Damage-Free Design

    No more drywall dust and those little annoying holes everywhere. With TrueUp's damage-free design, you can decorate (and redecorate) with peace of mind. No marks, no mess.

  • Quick & Easy

    Takes less than 2 minutes to mount. Seriously. That’s it.

  • Commitment Issues?

    We get it. With TrueUp you can easily remove and remount as many times as you need without needing to patch up any holes in the process.

  • Slide-To Adjust

    TrueUp’s unique design means you can s-l-i-d-e photos and artwork into the absolute perfect position.

  • Always True Leveler

    A handy mini-level makes sure your wall decor goes up aligned and stays true.

  • The Old Way

    • Time-consuming installation
    • Permanent holes and commitment
    • Risk of wall damage
    • Requires numerous tools
    • Stressful and imprecise process
  • The TrueUp Way

    • Quick and effortless setup
    • Completely reversible and adjustable
    • Zero damage to walls
    • No tools needed
    • Stress-free and perfectly aligned every time

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely. TrueUp's adhesive is engineered for strength and reliability, securely holding items up to 8lbs. NOTE: Because not all wall surfaces are created equal, we’ve included two small TrueUp pins. Once you’re satisfied with your frame placement, just PIN IT for a little added support.

Our mounts are designed for damage-free removal. They detach cleanly from your walls without leaving residue, ensuring your space stays pristine even when you change your decor.

Yes, you can! TrueUp mounts are not just easy to remove but also reusable. This means you can rearrange your decor as often as you like without needing new mounts.

TrueUp is versatile and works on most wall types. However, for textured walls, we recommend checking the bond strength in a less visible area first to ensure optimal adhesion.

TrueUp is ideal for items weighing up to 8lbs. It works well with a wide range of sizes, but for very large or heavy items, we advise using multiple mounts to distribute the weight evenly.

Removing the TrueUp mount is simple. If you used the support pins, first remove them. Then, pinch both ends of the adhesive strips and gently pull outward. In about 8 seconds, TrueUp will gently and safely detach from the wall.

Go Ahead,
Change Your Style

Your style should be allowed to evolve.

TrueUp makes it quick and easy to change things up – because home decor shouldn’t feel like home remodeling.

It’s your story, your style, your way—every single day.

Make My Walls Wonderful