How to Remove TrueUp Wall Mounts and Avoid Damaging Your Walls

July 30, 2021

Previously on How to Hang a Picture Frame on Your Wall Using TrueUp, we went over the steps on how to properly secure a picture frame on your home’s wall using TrueUp mounts. Today we’ll be going over how to remove our secure wall mounts, all while leaving your wall intact. 

Generally, when using other adhesive hanging products, you’ll encounter one of several issues when you decide it’s time to remove or redecorate. The most common problem one will experience takes the form of sticky residue left lingering on your wall as a result of using poor-quality double-sided sticky foam strips. Another unpleasant situation you’ll find yourself in is inadvertently peeling off chunks of paint when trying to remove these foam strips from your wall when their purpose has been served. We won’t even go into the cosmetic drawbacks of using antiquated nail-hanging methods. 

For those renting their home as well as for those that like to take care of their living space, this calls for a better alternative. At TrueUp we took these problems into mind when trying to design a better solution. What we developed was a hanging mount with a built-in damage-free removable adhesive strip mechanism. By using TrueUp hanging solutions, you’ll never have to worry about patching up holes or painting over patches of peeled chunks of paint. Allow us to demonstrate the removal process and benefits of using TrueUp for damage free wall decoration. 

How to Remove TrueUp Mounts for Damage Free Wall Hanging

  1. Remove the Frame

Begin by removing your frame from the wall simply by lifting up the frame gently with both hands until the mount on the frame unlinks from the mount on the wall. 

  1. Pinch the Tabs

Once the frame is removed, you’ll be left with a TrueUp mount fastened to the wall. You’ll notice two loose tabs hanging at the right and left ends of the mount. Use your index fingers and thumbs to get a secure grip on the tabs.

  1. Pull Outward

Gently but in a firm manner, pull the tabs away from each for approximately 12 inches on each side until the mount is released from the wall. Congratulations! You can now re-use the mount with a new TrueUp adhesive strip!

Right away you’ll notice that your wall looks and feels as if it were always a blank canvas. TrueUp’s damage free wall hanging solution works by taking a different approach. By stretching the adhesive, the surface area that it is attached to becomes less concentrated and therefore bonds become weaker. Now you can decorate your walls how you want without worrying about how you’ll fix the damage later. With TrueUp, hang on your terms! 

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