The TrueUp Hanging Solution


Enjoy easy and fast installations when using TrueUp. Inside your TrueUp box you’ll find all the tools necessary to get you up and running including heavy-duty adhesive strips and ready-to-use mounts. All TrueUp hanging kits contain a reusable spirit level for clean and aligned installations.


Proper Use:

Proper Use:

Surface Recommendation

For optimal results, TrueUp recommends mounts be used on flat and smooth surfaces. Recommended surfaces include untextured painted walls, painted/varnished wood, concrete, tile, metal, glass, and laminates.

TrueUp advises against using mounts on grainy and porous surfaces including brick, fabric, heavily textured walls, wallpaper, and other rough non-stick surfaces.

How to TrueUp

Removing TrueUp

At TrueUp we designed our mounts with flexibility and ease-of-use in mind. Reuse your mounts on other projects simply by removing them from your wall and attaching a new adhesive strip.

To remove TrueUp mounts effectively, pinch both tabs on the edge of the mount and in one motion, slowly pull horizontally away from the mount. The stretched adhesive bonds will unfasten from their tight grip on the surface and the mount will naturally come right off.

Your mount is now ready for a new TrueUp adhesive strip and can be reused on your next project!

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