How to Hang a Picture Frame Using TrueUp

July 30, 2021

Do you have some portraits laying around your house that you just, well haven’t got around to hanging them yet? You keep telling yourself that you will but you hold it off because one, you don’t want to nail holes in your wall, and two, you’ve had bad experiences with those sticky foam strips. So what’s the solution? 

Here at TrueUp, we hear you, which is why we’ve delved into making the best way to hang pictures on your wall. Say goodbye to sticky residue and ugly punctures, our damage free picture hanging solution allows you to securely hang pictures on your wall without worrying about damage when mounting off. This is perfect for renters and homeowners alike. Let us show you how to hang pictures on your wall without nails.

How To TrueUp

  1. Clean Surfaces

Begin by cleaning the desired surface of oil and dust particles. Normally a soft cloth and water will get the job done. This will allow the adhesive to truly grip the surface.

  1. Prepare Your Mount

Once your surface is clean go ahead and remove the film from the adhesive and apply it to the rear of the mount. Make sure to apply pressure to secure the bond.

  1. Attach Level to Mount

To attach the level to the mount simply slide it over the opposite side of where you’ve just attached the adhesive. Our reusable spirit level will make your life so much easier. No more asking someone if ‘it’s crooked’. Hanging just became a one-man job.

  1. Mount the Mount on the Wall

Now that the adhesive is secure on the back and the bubble level is facing you, remove the remaining bit of film from the adhesive. Once you’re satisfied with the alignment of the mount, press it onto the wall and gently slide the level off. 

  1. Secure the Mount

Apply even pressure across the base of the mount for around 5 seconds to properly secure the mount to the wall. You’ll want to work your way starting from the outside and making your way in.

  1. Prepare Your Adapter 

Grab another adhesive strip and apply it to the adapter in a similar fashion as you just performed on the mount. Make sure to apply even pressure again for optimal results. 

  1. Attach Adapter to Your Frame

Attach the adapter to the back of your frame with the small ridge facing the floor as we’ll need it to hook onto the wall mount. One last time, apply even distributed pressure across the adapter to secure the adhesive to the frame and it’s ready to go!

  1. Link Them Up

Grab your frame and gently hold it over the mount until you feel the adapter and mount clasp. Congratulations! Your frame is up, leveled, and secured.

There are various picture hanging methods but none as durable, easy, fast, and convenient as TrueUp. Protect your walls from antiquated nail methods and unreliable foam sticky strips. Our team of engineers has developed a modern approach to picture hanging. Now you can clean the dust off those paintings and pictures you’ve been meaning to decorate with and bring some color into your home. If you want to learn how to remove and reuse TrueUp mounts, check out our How to Remove TrueUp Wall Mounts and Avoid Damaging Your Walls tutorial. More decorating tips to come as well. Stay tuned!

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