How to Decorate a Minimalist Living Room

July 30, 2021

When it comes to learning how to decorate a minimalist living room, the phrase “less is more” is key. In this article, we’re going to walk you through the process of decorating your new minimalist living space.  It can be overwhelming to know where to begin with minimalist decor ideas, but start by picking


How to Create a Photo Wall Collage with TrueUp

July 30, 2021

So you’ve got a lot of photos you love but no idea how to display them all without making the walls look cluttered? We can help with that. In this post, we’ll teach you how to create a photo wall collage with ease, using our damage free, heavy duty TrueUp adhesive strips.  First things first,


How to Remove TrueUp Wall Mounts and Avoid Damaging Your Walls

July 30, 2021

Previously on How to Hang a Picture Frame on Your Wall Using TrueUp, we went over the steps on how to properly secure a picture frame on your home’s wall using TrueUp mounts. Today we’ll be going over how to remove our secure wall mounts, all while leaving your wall intact.  Generally, when using other


How to Hang a Picture Frame Using TrueUp

July 30, 2021

Do you have some portraits laying around your house that you just, well haven’t got around to hanging them yet? You keep telling yourself that you will but you hold it off because one, you don’t want to nail holes in your wall, and two, you’ve had bad experiences with those sticky foam strips. So


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